Your Dental Trader publication works. It generates leads, and new clients. I tested an ad with your publication for four (4) insertions in So Cal and the first two insertions generated new clients. Based on this, I am now going to have another client participate in No Cal. Well worth the time and investment!!

Hugh Duffy
Build Your Firm

The Dental Trader is a great company to work with. Bruce and his staff have helped me with my ads and he’s even helped me by changing the way the ad reads and it’s layout to help me with my conversion. What a great resource for Dentists in California.

Dr. Derek Baron
The Doctors Marketing Source

I have known Bruce for well over twenty years, and recently started my own dental brokerage. I contacted Bruce to assist me in notifying the dental community, as I knew from experience that the Dental Trader is one of the most widely read publications in the dental industry here in California. Bruce not only assisted me in developing my ad, but helped me with the branding of my new company. Bruce and his entire team have been responsive to my needs, and the ads are bringing in more business than I anticipated. I highly recommend his company!

Greg Beamer
Dental Broker

Xcel Seminars has been inserting our CE course registration forms in The Dental Trader steadily for almost ten years with wonderful results. Last year we decided to augment our fliers in The Dental Trader by mailing brochures (via USPS) to see if we could increase response. Now, a year later, after careful tracking we see the direct mail campaign did not increase our returns significantly and definitely did not justify the extra expense. We’re sticking with The Dental Trader, it works and is still the best value for our marketing dollar in Southern California.

Erin Markewitz
Senior Conference Manager
Xcel Seminars

Bruce, publisher of The Dental Trader expressed concerns about our initial display ad. In an effort to illustrate his ideas he and his team created an alternative ad for our consideration. I’m extremely particular with how the RepairMakers brand is presented so I wasn’t very receptive to his idea. However, after running our ad for 3 months we decided to give Bruce’s ad a try. It quickly became apparent that Bruce knows his readers. We received a greater response from Bruce’s ad over 1 month than we had received from our ad over 3 months combined. We now trust the The Dental Trader staff to create all of the ads we run in their publication (which they provide free of charge) and renewed for a year.

Pate Savage

The Dental Trader has been instrumental in helping us quickly get our brand introduced into the Northern California market. We achieved new business immediately after placing a full page ad. Thanks to Bruce and his awesome team, the response we have received as a result of The Dental Trader has been outstanding.

Rod Johnston
Omni Practice Group

As a California Dental CPA and a Practice Broker it is important to reach a large audience and to stay relevant. The Dental Trader is reaches that audience and has proven to be a good source business for me. I have now known the owner, Bruce Carter, for 10 years. He is extremely knowledgeable of the dental world and has been instrumental to helping me grow my business.

Ken Rubin
Ken Rubin Practice Sales

I have been advertising with the Dental Trader since 2004. I notice a significant increase in sales that I can trace directly to the Dental Trader. It’s the best bang for my advertising bucks.

Lou Adiano
Superior Dental Design Services

Bruce and the Dental Trader has helped tremendously with the marketing and growth of my business as a practice consultant. Bruce’s knowledge and experience in the industry is an asset. The reality is…if you are involved in the dental industry anywhere in California, the Dental Trader is an undeniable force that should be included in your marketing repertoire.

C. Kim
Transitions Consultants

Since advertising with the Dental Trader I have seen a significant increase in quality of new leads and calls. In fact, my very first month two such leads materialized into two clients. I am very happy that I am advertising in the Dental Trader and I highly recommend advertising in the Dental Trader to others who wish to grow their business.

Amy L. Borden, Esq.
A Professional Corporation

The Dental Trader has been a great investment for Integrity Practice Sales. We receive solid leads each month and have been very pleased with the results. Bruce is always great to work with and I attribute part of our success to his good efforts. Thanks Bruce! I’m glad we’re working together.

Bill Kimball, DDS
Integrity Practice Sales

The Dental Trader is a great asset for anyone wishing to advertise their business to the dental community in California. My law practice focuses exclusively on the legal needs of dentists and the Trader has allowed me to advertise directly to my potential clients and build name recognition. Given the lack of time dentists have to research products and services, this type of targeted advertisement is invaluable.

Levi Barlavi
Pacific Heath Law Group

Two hours after placing my practice for sale ad on The Dental Trader website, I received my first inquiry. On the first day I had three interested buyers. If you want results, I recommend advertising in The Dental Trader.

Dr. Seo

Bruce! Keep up the good work you that do at The Dental Trader! Your publication is such a great tool for the dental community! Thank you so much from all of us!

Ann Nguyen, DDS

We altered all of our marketing materials after receiving recommendations from Bruce Carter, owner of The Dental Trader. His revisions to our ad message perfectly stated what we offer but had struggled to put into words. It is clear Bruce doesn’t just sell ad space, he goes above & beyond to ensure Dental Trader advertisers succeed.

Ivan Lutin

No dental publication has more ads from dentists than The Dental Trader. I have bought over a dozen items from doctors advertising in the Trader, attracted employees with my ads and even sold a few items to other dentists. The Dental Trader is the best!

Ron P., DMD

The response has been great with our initial advertisement. We will continue to advertise in The Dental Trader!

Moe Essa
Center Business Systems

For 2 years I tried to sell my practice with different brokers, but I couldn’t. Then in 2007, I put an ad with the Dental Trader. Within one month, a different broker called me with a serious buyer, I sold it in 3 months. Call Bruce; The Dental Trader DOES WORK!

Ehab Ismail, D.D.S.

We exceeded our sales goal; so, we’re very happy with the turn out! We’ll be using Dental Trader again in the future. Let’s plan to do a northern CA insert before the CDA north! Thanks!!!

Mindy Song

Just a note to say how happy I am with an ad I placed in the morning of April 10th that was answered in the afternoon of the same day. I am stunned that what I wanted to sell was sold only a few hours later. Very surprised and very happy with The Dental Trader!

Dr. Reed

I am a Dental Trader reader. I successfully located an associate dentist by advertising in The Dental Trader. Additionally, I found equipment and materials I needed being advertised at great prices. Recently I opened a second office in Rancho Santa Margarita with 10 treatment rooms and had space for sublease. The Dental Trader is helping me locate specialists to sublease the available treatment rooms too. I highly recommend advertising in The Dental Trader.

Dr. Orly Taitz

The American Academy of Facial Esthetics was skeptical about advertising in the Dental Trader at first but after we inserted our first CE course registration form, we became fans. Since then we have continued to place our brochures in the Dental Trader on an almost monthly basis and after two cycles we saw a 25% increase in our California registrations. The Dental Trader continues to be a reliable and affordable source of CE course registrants.

Megan Savransky
Director of Marketing
American Academy of Facial Esthetics

Thank you so much for listing my husband’s equipment and for all your help. We have been able to sell it all so there is no need to re-list them. We really appreciate your service to dentists.

M. Landerman

Bruce Carter is amazing. I talked to him today about placing an ad in the Dental Trader and he is a veritable source of information on all things dental. The advice I received from him in just 15 minutes of phone conversation was worth hours of legal expertise, and all for free! When placing an ad through him, I highly recommend first talking to Bruce, whether it’s to sell equipment, to sell or buy a practice, or just to be sure you’re on the correct road to future dental success.

Ed Reifman, DDS

I placed an ad selling some SCHICK CDR sensors I had for $4,000.00 in The Dental Trader. Before the ad was even published in the magazine the items were sold to doctors who saw em on the Dental Trader’s Online Ad Board. Response was fast and the ad was free . . . hard to beat that!

Dr. Eric Prouty
Costa Mesa, CA

Bruce is a sensational man. The kind of honest and ethical professional, one would enjoy working with and having as part of one’s circle. Client after client of mine talks very highly of his business practices. It is not always business with him either. He enjoys the laughter in life, how he can make the experience of the customer, a pleasant one, and what he can do to maximize potential. If he can’t help an individual to accomplish the desired outcome, he makes sure he provides referral for the right avenues, a rare acumen for one in a competitive space. I am not sure if I admire that the most in him, or simply his persona and character. I am always impressed with the amount of knowledge he brings to the table, for every task that is put before him. He has the marketing angle figured out, and he knows how to reach the target viewer. I would highly recommend Bruce (and his services), which comes as a magnificent package, to my colleagues.

Kianor Shah, DMD

After much deliberation I finally decided to try advertising in The Dental Trader. My law firm received two calls on the first day the publication hit (October 1, 2012) from prospective clients. I can’t wait to see what the rest of the month holds!

Chester Jeng-Law
Office of Jeng & Associates

I called The Dental Trader to place a display ad and Bruce (the owner) advised me not to do it. After discussing the matter for over an hour, he convinced me that placement of a display ad would be premature and unlikely to generate an acceptable profit due to the lack of visual aids needed to demonstrate how the product functions. He said he’d rather sacrifice my placement than publish an unsuccessful ad. That kind of honesty is rare and surprising.

Kelvin Y
Surgical Solutions USA

My accounting firm has been advertising in The Dental Trader for many, many years and I recommend this publication to anyone wanting to reach dentists in California. The Dental Trader provides unsurpassed market coverage and produces exceptional results.

Cuong Le
Cuong Le, CPA, Inc.

After decades doing business with Bruce, I can honestly say that The Dental Trader is the best way to brand a company in the California dental market. Everyone sees us in The Dental Trader and we have been in every issue. I would recommend The Dental Trader to anyone marketing to California’s dentist.

Dennis Rosene
Dennis Rosene Insurance Agency, Inc.

Superior Upholstery has been advertising in The Dental Trader for many years. Every time our Dental Trader advertising hits the dental offices, our sales spike! Dental Trader readers are awesome!!

Lou Adiano
Superior Upholstery

Response has been incredible! We have received numerous calls from dentists looking to volunteer in our clinic after seeing our ad in The Dental Trader. Very effective advertising!

Sondra Contino
San Gabriel Valley Foundation for Dental Health

In November 2011 when it came time to list the sale of my seven digit dental practice, there were two publications reaching California dentists. . .The Dental Trader and the Dental Shopper. I carefully researched both magazines side-by-side and found 21.5 pages of advertising from brokers in The Dental Trader (along with several hundred ads placed by dentists). In the November Dental Shopper I only saw only 3 pages of advertising from practice brokers and about five dozen ads from doctors. I then realized that a serious buyer would be looking carefully at The Dental Trader. Now, one month later we have received dozens of calls from The Dental Trader ad, some firm offers and one great candidate whose paperwork is being processed by the bank. If you are a serious seller, make sure your practice is advertised in The Dental Trader. . .that is where the serious buyers are looking for dental practices.

Sincerely, Dr. Ramtin Kheaf
Los Angeles, CA

We work with Bruce at The Dental Trader on a regular basis. We appreciate the professionalism and detail oriented service Bruce at The Dental Trader provides. Bruce goes out of his way to make sure his customer’s needs are met!

Jill Mossor
A. Lee Maddox, DDS, A Professional Law Corporation

I have worked with Bruce Carter and the Dental Trader for 4 years now and I can truly say that they operate on the highest level of service and professionalism. Also, although our company pays to advertise in his publications, I don’t consider them a service provider, but instead they are an actual partner in our business. They not only provide a great avenue to get new clients but have also helped us with vendors, sponsors and other aspects of what we do. So although every business wants to use the cliche that they are a true partner to your business, do yourself a favor, use the Dental Trader and find out what that really means!

Erin Markewitz
Xcel Seminars

I have had nothing but a wonderful experience with the staff at The Dental Trader! I have been working with Bruce there and he is on the ball with checking in to make sure we get what we need done in a timely manner. He brings a great and energetic attitude to his work and his clients. I highly recommend this company for anyone looking to work with a business that has a commitment to excellence and a wonderful work ethic.

Kendall De Jong
Northbay Networks

I was delighted with The Dental Trader’s wonderful Graphics Staff. At the 11th hour they revised our ad and transformed it into a dynamic, visually compelling piece of art. They provide ad production services free of charge and completed revisions to our ad in the blink of an eye. This company is intensely service-oriented!

Maxine Shapiro, Executive Director
Association of Managed Care Dentists, AMCD

I have been working with Bruce and the Dental Trader for years, his insight and professionalism have increased my knowledge in marketing and developing brand recognition. He is timely in his responses and critical when necessary to help his customers in receiving the best results for advertising in his trade journal. Highly recommend anyone looking for results in marketing a dental product throughout California to work with the Dental Trader.

Harry Nelson
Dansereau Health Products

The Dental Trader has been invaluable as a advertising and marketing tool. I have advertised with them since they started business and highly recommend the publication. Bruce Carter is a sharp businessman willing to assist and help you in any area you need. If you are in the Dental field then advertising with the Dental Trader is the best money you can spend towards advertising.

Steve Caudill
Caudill and Associates Practice Sales

I’ve been using the Dental Trader for 7 years. It’s a great resource not only to find good deals but to also keep up with what’s going on in the dental community. The company leader, Bruce Carter, is a real gem and delight. Keep up the good work!

Ken Rubin
Ken Rubin & Company

Dental Trader is honestly the best publication to advertise in. Not only are they honest but they are more than willing to go above and beyond their duties as a publication to assist their clients. The publication manager always offers great advice that will help you to make crucial decisions in the advertising world in general, not specifically with their publication. I recommend to anyone to use Dental Trader to advertise. Thanks Dental Trader for being so amazing!!!

Elizabeth Salazar
Ortho-Tech Global

Bruce of the Dental Trader is the one to go to when you need to market your service or product. Over the years Bruce has helped me improve my marketing approach very successfully and I know that he will do the same for you. Don’t hesitate to give Bruce a call because he has your best interests in mind.

George Fedyna
Unique Interior Design

In the first 10 days (when our first and only ad appeared on the Dental Trader website) we secured 85 dentists applicants and 16 vendor applications (brokers, attorneys, dental merchandise companies, etc). Once the edition arrived in print, our website visitations spiked. Our second ad is just hitting today and our Analytics Report shows we have generated 829 responses . . . all from The Dental Trader alone. Not bad for the first 6 weeks.

Kianor Shah
Nexus Dentistry

Dental Trader is both a professional and a relevant publication dedicated to the dental industry. We’ve found the people at Dental Trader a pleasure to work with. 5 stars all the way around. Great job Dental Trader. Keep up the good work.

Joshua Jolley
Dental Elite Premium Toothbrushes

Bruce and the team at The Dental Trader consistently go the extra mile. If you want excellent customer service, a place to advertise that produces results and a publication staff that truly cares, then you won’t be disappointed when choosing The Dental Trader! We’ve been advertising with them for many years and I would recommend them without reservation.

Sue Peterson
Practice Transition Partners

LCF Financial has been doing business with Bruce since 1999 and during those years we have entrusted him with the task of preparing our display ads. Working together we have produced a successful ad campaign that not only generates sales leads but also distinguishes us from more traditional lenders. In a business where name recognition, branding and presenting a favorable company image are vital to securing new business, the Dental Trader staff has performed flawlessly.

Loc Pham
LCF Financial Services

Bruce and his staff have been terrific. They took a real personal interest in my business and designed a great campaign to help us get our message out to the dental community. We are very pleased with the personal service we received as well as the true desire for our advertising to be successful for our business.

Dr. Corey Gold
Advanced Continuing Education Systems

The Dental Trader sales and graphics staff was instrumental in developing our ad campaign and provided highly detailed marketing recommendations to us. Immediately after our first ad broke, we signed enough new clients to more than pay for our entire ad campaign. We are deep in the black and very satisfied with the instant results of our Dental Trader advertising. Listen to Bruce, he knows his stuff.

John Ross
The Gold Measure

The Dental Trader has been a godsend. By using the Dental Trader to distribute our 2 page insert, we saved about half off our original projections; which included buying a dental list and bulk mailing them. We saved money, time, and effort. The response rate we have seen from our initial launch surpassed our most optimistic estimates. We are pleased to say the least.

John Chuang
Ararat Pharmacy

Bruce has faithfully been providing my company with his services for around 8 years. We have continued preferring his advertising services due to the great results we achieve and also heavily on account of the excellence in which he runs his operations. Bruce and his staff are a pleasure to do business with and completely earn my endorsement.

Shawn Zajas
Dental Elite Premium Oral Care Products

Bruce has solved the marketing concerns for myself and my organization, when we decided to advertise an event on his publication. Choosing Dental Trader was a simple job. Making sure the details were perfected in time, and with in-depth advice, was the difficult task, which Bruce had offered and completed. Great guy.

Jin Kim
Korean-American Dental Association

I have worked with Bruce Carter non-stop since 1999, first as a marketing contractor with The Dental Shopper and now as the owner of The Dental Trader. He has always been enthusiastic and highly creative in teaching me about marketing, not just in general but for my highly specialized services. His office has developed “starter” ad layouts to spur my thinking, and has taken the time to discuss with me his reasoning and variations on proposed marketing themes. His suggestions and willingness to discuss different approaches have helped me differentiate myself from my competitors and to develop my own sense of marketing, both of which continue to serve me not only in his publication but in my internet and other marketing efforts. Thank you Bruce!

Robert Olson
Attorney at Law

Our advertising in the Dental Trader has been instrumental in growing our business and Bruce literally makes it his business to help you advertise in a way that will optimize your company’s success.

Erin Markewitz
Xcel Seminars

Bruce’s Dental Trader is an excellent publication that is a very valuable source of my company’s leads. In my dealings with Bruce I have found him helpful, honest and sincere. He says what he does and does what he says. A quality person with a quality business.

Chris Golda
California Dental Academy

Our experience with the Dental Trader has been very successful for our dental society and myself personally. Bruce has been very accommodating to our schedule and our budget. The results have been fantastic in that we have been able to contact more dentists about dental society information than we had been able to prior to utilizing Bruce’s Dental Trader. Bruce has held to his word through our 4 year relationship and we are very pleased to the point of not even considering discontinuing our business relationship. I find it very easy and pleasurable to recommend Bruce and his Dental Trader to anyone wishing to advertise to the dental community.

Dan Jenkins DDS., FICD, LVIF, CDE
Certified Dental Editor – American Association of Dental Editors

I hired Bruce to help us with an advertising package. His advice on everything from layout to value were right on. He’s a great guy to do business with and I highly recommend Bruce and THE DENTAL TRADER.

Doug McDaniel
McDaniel Construction

Bruce is my favorite person in the dental world (fishbowl). He is just as enjoyable as I am and I thank him for his nice words. Bruce has the best reminders and voicemails. Keep them coming, but make sure to send the reminders to all of my 4 emails addresses and fax!

Brookelynn Palmer
Transition Coordinator
Wiederman & Potter Premium Practice Sales, Inc.

Bruce has a no-nonsense approach to solving problems – through the client’s point of view – even to the point of ad placement in his publications, being careful so that there are no obvious conflicts. His publications hold an extremely high client retention and has earned the respect of both advertiser and reader. His thought processes are very creative and he is extraordinary with wording and dialog.

Connie Riddle
C&J Riddle

I submitted a “Doctor Needed” ad at Dentaltrader.com to appear in multiple issues. We got a great response and hired two doctors right off the bat. Please remove my ad; I am inundated with calls! The Dental Trader sure makes the phone ring!! Thank you,

Hepzi Perez
Office Manager
Lucero Dental Clinic

Bruce and Staff, we just received our copy of The Dental Trader containing our first display ad and within 4 hours we have received 4 calls from doctors seeking financing. Thanks for your suggestions–it’s working!

John C. Drake
Vice President
California General Bank, N.A.

Our firm placed a “Space for Lease” ad on the Dental Trader’s website in November for the December edition (unnecessarily as it turned out) because we signed a lease with a new dentist/tenant who saw our ad online November 18th!! It was a great advertising decision.

Linda Schwartz-Wright
Office Manager & Director of Operations/Facilities
Mitchell Silberberg & Knupp LLP

Bruce and the Dental Trader are wonderful. They are always so helpful and nice to work with! This is an economical way to promote your products or services to the dental community! We have used them for several years and we are very satisfied with them.

Kristen Doney
Marketing Director
Esthetic Professionals

The Dental Trader has been a great resource for marketing and very helpful to our company with all business transactions and advertisement placement. I would recommend the Dental Trader and plan to work with them in the future.

Richard Carlson
Excel National Bank

The Dental Trader has been integral in reaching my target market. I have tried many different marketing sources to reach the dental population but nothing makes the phone ring like The Dental Trader. Bruce has been exceptional at addressing my concerns and assisting me with my marketing goals. Whether you are someone who works with the dental community or a dentist and looking to advertise, you must be in “The Trader” to be legitimate. I cannot recommend them enough.

Douglas Reid

I have found Bruce Carter at the Dental Trader a joy to deal with. He is straightforward. His advice is sound. He bends over backwards to make sure his customers get value for their marketing investments. I would recommend Dental Trader to anyone who markets in Bruce’s distribution areas.

William Jackson, DDS
Planet DDS, Inc.

Wow, what a value! I advertise in the Dental Trader before the Anaheim California Dental Association (CDA) Meeting each year. It’s a great way to notify virtually every dentist in CA about our booth space. The Dental Trader does a great job in generating phone calls to our sales lines and traffic to our booth. I have also found Bruce to be a great resource on what works and doesn’t work in advertising to California dentists.

David Arnett

A great company to work with. When we started advertising in the Dental Industry, we approached many advertisers and this was the one that provided us the best response, most cost-effectively and most efficiently. Bruce, the owner, is a great guy to work with and always looks for ways to help you improve your ads for better exposure. He is also very helpful with our networking efforts and developing our marketing strategies. Thank you Bruce!

Ali Nowroozi, Ph.D.
Tajann Corporation

For several years, The Dental Trader has consistently provided our dental supply business with a valuable service at a reasonable cost. Through the Trader, we are able to reach many thousands of potential customers throughout California on a monthly basis. Bruce, the owner, goes the extra mile to make my job easier and is a pleasure to work with. Always helpful, Bruce doesn’t hesitate to share his advertising insights and experience and you can set your watch by his friendly deadline reminders. If Bruce thinks we are wasting money on a noneffective ad, he’ll actually advise us not to run it. Believe it or not, he’s told me! His philosophy seems to be simple: what’s good for the customer’s business is good for his business. I appreciate that honesty and straightforward approach and that’s why I can’t recommend the Dental Trader highly enough.

Neil Rothstein
Darden Dental Supply

I have known Bruce Carter for over 17 years, and have been advertising in the Dental Trader since its inception. My business has flourished year after year without skipping a beat! The publication hits the Bull’s Eye in the Dental Community and I highly recommend it.

Daniel Gueuzubeuyukian
Heartstart CPR Instruction

The Dental Trader serves a useful purpose for both Dentists and the dental sales market. It is run efficiently and offers good support and a quality product.

Alan Levine
ARC Equpment & Supplies

I have been using The Dental Trader consistently for the past three years. The publication is effective and reasonably priced. Whenever I have questions regarding any issue, I receive prompt and reliable answers. They are very helpful in working with us to improve our marketing message. I highly recommend this company to anyone who wants to deal with a capable, forthright and ethical operation.

Chris Golda

Professional Practice Sales has been doing business with Bruce since the early 80s and we aggressively advertise in The Dental Trader monthly. We run full page and cover ads, several reader ads, insert fliers and advertise in multiple places in the annually distributed Dental Trader wall calendar. I know I am reaching dental shoppers and not mere “readers” with The Dental Trader!

Thomas Fitterer
Professional Practice Sales, Inc

Immediately after our new display ad appeared on The Dental Trader website (well before the magazine hit the streets in print) we began receiving phone calls. I never expected action from online readers like this. It is clear dentists are accessing The Dental Trader online rather than waiting for it to arrive in the mail. That’s impressive and we couldn’t be happier.

Jason Wood
Law Offices of Wood & Delgado

The Dental Trader is where dentists go when shopping for a dental practice, attorney or lender. The Dental Trader has resulted in multiple leads and has allowed us to assist many doctors through the process of purchasing and financing a practice.

Jeramie Eimers
Practice Consultant
U.S. Bank Healthcare Finance Services

Immediately after submitting our ads using The Dental Trader’s online Commercial Reader Ad Form, our phones began to ring. We were sold on The Dental Trader’s effectiveness weeks before our ads hit the street in print!

Linda Brown
TOLD Commercial

Whether you’re in the market to purchase a dental practice, seeking an associate, looking for staff, seeking a job opportunity, selling or buying new or used dental equipment …you’ll find it in The Dental Trader. It is THE resource for doctors! The Dental Trader has been very helpful to many of my clients. I highly recommend The Dental Trader.

Kathleen Johnson
Kathleen Johnson Consulting, Inc .

I placed some unclassified ads in The Dental Trader to sell unwanted dental equipment and was besieged by so many telephone calls from readers that it became a problem. The Dental Trader works a little too well.

Jeffrey Hempel DDS

New Image Creations has inserted several fliers into The Dental Trader for promotion of our dental laboratory services and seminars with amazing success. The Dental Trader helps us get past the “round file” and reach doctors when they are actually shopping and ready to buy.

Arlene D. Masihi
Marketing Director
New Image Creation

When comparing response to our advertising, it quickly became apparent The Dental Trader was generating the bulk of the calls, which is why we have continued advertising in The Dental Trader.

Reyna Duran
Reyco Group, Inc.

When we sent Bruce our initial Dental Trader display ad, he bluntly advised us it was “mediocre” and could be greatly improved. Working together with him and his graphics staff we revised the ad and the enormous response we received when it first hit the dental offices took us completely by surprise. At times we were simply unable to talk to every doctor, our sales staff was inundated with calls. We are thrilled with the immediate results and thankful Bruce didn’t just take the money and run the ad we sent. He knew what we needed and made sure our ad was effective. We’re so glad we listened to him and selected The Dental Trader.

Nancy Fragus
CEO, Healthcare Finance Direct LLC

CMM Construction has found The Dental Trader to be an effective way to build our dental division. It is second to none.

Cathe Mitre
CMM Construction, Inc.

Punjabi Dental Society has been inserting Continuing Education registration forms in The Dental Trader for years. It is far more cost effective than direct mail and generates tremendous response. I would recommend The Dental Trader to anyone using direct mail marketing to reach California dentists.

Dr R. Salwan
President, Punjabi Dental Society

If you’re targeting California dentists you can’t beat the cost or coverage of The Dental Trader. Bruce Carter is a joy to work with and is always perceptive and informative about what’s going on in this market. The Dental Trader is the finest publication of its kind.

Angela Wills
Professional Practice Capital

I would like to thank The Dental Trader and their staff for publishing an effective excellent marketing tool which continues to help this semi-retired dentist to find jobs. Every time I place an ad, for the price of a large sausage pizza, I get between 12 and 20 job offers for months to follow. Mamma Mia!

Dr. Frank De Fazio
Hollywood, CA

The Dental Trader has been more than helpful when placing ads without all the other scams that happens with other listing eg.Craiglist.com. It is safe and I feel confident when placing an ad here.

Nancy J. Yee, DDS

When we sent our display ad to Bruce at The Dental Trader, he told us he “hated it” and advised us to change it completely…which we did. Days after our first ad hit we were receiving lots of calls. We are very satisfied with response to our advertising in The Dental Trader and the personal service we received. It’s clear Bruce cares about his advertisers’ success.

Megan Beaver
MediaMed Inc

I shop in The Dental Trader regularly and have had success when advertising in it.

Dr. Eric Eng, DDS

In marketing our continuing education courses, USC School of Dentistry has found The Dental Trader to be an effective and affordable alternative to direct mail campaigns.

Julie Chen
Marketing and Graphic Specialist
USC School of Dentistry-Office of Continuing Education

The Dental Trader has been the single most cost-effective advertising I have ever done. When it comes to getting the message about our services in front of a large audience of dentists in the mood to buy, the Dental Trader is the place to invest your advertising dollar.

Scott McDonald
Scott McDonald & Associates, Inc.

We receive a significant number of calls from Dental Trader readers each month and feel that our investment with them is well worth the money!

Patrick J. Wood
Law Offices of Wood & Delgado

The Dental Trader is an excellent medium for all advertisers to reach the dental community at a reasonable price. California Practice Sales has been working with Bruce Carter for over 20 years and couldn’t be happier! The Dental Trader has been a great advertising success for us!

John W. Knipf (Neff)
California Practice Sales, Inc.

My advertisement generated three responses on the first day it was posted on the Dental Trader website. With the immediate success, I discontinued my ad before it appeared in the printed edition

Dr. White

Our company built a free standing commercial office building and advertised the “Space For Lease” opportunity to dentists in The Dental Trader. With the help of The Dental Trader, our space is filling up quickly, Thank you Dental Trader!

Gregory Chew,DDS,MBA
RealVest Development Co.

My advertising in The Dental Trader is paying off!

Bryan Corrigan
DRP Dental Services – 562-902-0851

One of the many benefits of continuous advertising is that your name becomes so recognized, that you not only get calls from Dentists who need your services, but also referrals from Dentists that you have never worked with. When I follow-up with the referral source I am always amazed to hear that, “Yes Mr. Caudill, I have seen your advertising for years but have not needed your services to date, but a colleague of mine did, so I referred him to you.” The Dental Trader makes it happen, thanks Bruce!

Steve Caudill
Caudill & Associates

The Dental Trader has proven itself in more ways than one in our business; we look forward to continue our business relationship for many years to come.

Bob Affleck
Practice Transitions Partners

All County Construction has placed display ads and fliers in The Dental Trader for several years. It is a proven profit center.

Jim Jordan
All County Construction

I placed a reader ad at dentaltrader.com seeking staff for my practice. The ad had been on The Dental Trader website for only ten minutes when I got the call that filled the position. I tell my colleagues, “If you want results…advertise in The Dental Trader! It works!!”

Dr. Kevin Lochona
Margarita Dental

We love the Dental Trader – best source for advertising we could find. No one compares to the Dental Trader for such good results.

John Boice
Boice Engineering & Development, Inc.

The Dental Trader has become an essential business tool for the Southern California dental community. I look forward to receiving my monthly issue to stay updated.

Sincerely yours,
Ken Rubin
Ken Rubin & Company, Dental CPAs
Ken Rubin Practice Sales

Just a note to let you know that I am happy to advertise in your dental periodical and am enjoying tremendous success from the front cover, back cover and full page ads over the last several months in both Northern and Southern California editions. I especially enjoy your staff’s professional and courteous expertise as well as their handling of ad changes (sometimes last minute!), graphic suggestions and artwork, etc. Keep up the good work.

Mark Shainberg
EZ 2000 Inc.

The knowledgeable assistance provided by the Dental Trader in creating advertising that reaches the right target market has been very helpful and the response has been great. I have found that the advice and input of the staff at the Dental Trader has been invaluable. And to top it off, the cost effectiveness of the advertising in the Dental Trader for the coverage provided cannot be matched by any other publication.

Kurt Skarin
Lee Skarin and Associates, Inc.

Bruce has directed me with marketing in the Dental Trader – sometimes refusing to accept an ad that he deems will not be effective. His honesty and the strength of his publication have made Dentox the most successful Botox training program for dentists in the USA.

Howard Katz, DDS

Anyone who’s anybody must be in the Dental Trader.

Bob Affleck

Given our 20+ years of practice brokerage experience and the thousands of successful transactions handled, we have tried numerous marketing ideas. We find The Dental Trader works! It is the premiere source for serious buyers to consider a variety of dental practices currently for sale throughout California. It neatly provides a one-stop shopping Mecca — a grand source of suppliers, retailers, labs, lenders, practice brokers and other advisers to the healthcare field.

Lou Bermudez
Practice Sales & Appraisals

The Dental Trader is the only source we use to place ads. Recruiting new clients is a breeze knowing how wide the circulation of the paper reaches throughout California. They are very friendly, responsive, and don’t hesitate to go the extra mile for us.

Miguel Castaneda
OSHA Compliance Partners, Inc.

We consider the Dental Trader to be of the highest quality and the most professional publication of its kind in the dental field. As a dental practice brokerage, we have found that the Dental Trader provides us with incomparable readership coverage and yet it is cost effective. Our marketing in the Dental Trader has unquestionably been largely responsible for the continued growth and success of our company, San Diego Practice Sales. Additionally, Bruce Carter has been very helpful and insightful, and is always a pleasure to work with.

Bob Fleming, D.D.S.
San Diego Practice Sales

We are very pleased with our ad in the Dental Trader. It gives us the exposure we need in order to compete in our industry.

Shubert Safarian
Quatron Construction

The Southern California Academy of General Dentistry has found The Dental Trader to be an effective and affordable way to distribute seminar registration forms to California dentists. Response to our inserts (loose fliers) into the Trader has exceeded our expectations.

Chikka M Raju, DMD
Vice President and Program Chair 2006
Academy of General Dentistry-So. Calif.

We have been doing business with Bruce Carter for over eight years. Bruce has always gone the extra mile whenever we needed his assistance. We chose The Dental Trader because we knew he would provide an excellent publication and continue his superior customer service.

Dr. Dennis Hoover
Vice President
Professional Practice Transitions
A Sullivan Schein Dental Company

The Dental Trader magazine has rocketed into remarkable popularity, becoming the publication that dentists read first and where CEU providers like us receive the biggest bang for our marketing buck.

Robert E. Garfield, DDS
Executive Director
Southern California Academy of General Dentistry

D & M continues to break sales record after sales record…. Many of our sales leads come from our Dental Trader display ads and reader ads. Do we believe in the Dental Trader? You bet we do! We wouldn’t run our business without it!

Paul Maimone
D & M Practice Sales and Leasing

This is the first time I’ve used The Dental Trader Online Ad Board. I was pleasantly surprised to have several contacts within the first week. So I am very happy with the results obtained by using The Dental Trader. Thanks again!

Dr. R. P., DDS

Using The Dental Trader has been a great savings and good success for my company, Diversified Dental & Upholstery.

Ole Lopez
Diversified Dental & Upholstery

I have known Bruce for what seems like forever. (I have been in the dental industry for 30-years.) Bruce has always had a good pulse on the marketplace. I use him as a strategist and always get good feedback. He has always been a valuable resource!

Raymond N. Irving
Professional Practice Sales of The Great West

Bruce always has helpful and insightful suggestions and is very easy to work with. He goes out of his way to take care of us as if we were his only client.

Neil Rothstein
Marketing Manager
Darden Dental Supply