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One reason is cost. You can advertise to over 31,200 California dentists for as little as $20. (but that’s not the best reason)

Dentists are natural born dental shoppers and are always on the lookout for a bargain. Doctors can use the Dental Trader to meet a variety of needs. To buy or sell a practice, used equipment, purchase new equipment, locate office staff, research new products, find an associate, a dental laboratory or other professional. Among our advertisers you’ll find practice brokers, consultants, repairmen, attorneys, finance companies, CE seminar providers, insurance agents, OSHA compliance companies, you name it . . . if a dentist needs it, it’s in the Dental Trader.

Currently 1 in 5 dentists licensed to practice in the United States is licensed and practicing in California. It is amazing that 1/5th of the entire U.S. dental market is located in this one state . . . and we mail the Dental Trader to all of them.

Unlike journals and slick dental industry magazines, the Dental Trader publishes hundreds of ads submitted by practicing dentists. This is the real appeal of the Dental Trader. Doctors often provide other doctors the best bargains. It’s these ads that make the Dental Trader such a valuable periodical to dentists and dental professionals. We mail two editions of the Dental Trader each month, one to all of the dentists in Northern California, the other covers all of Southern California. The state is divided at the 93599-93600 zip code. The Southern California edition includes all dentists from San Diego to just north of Bakersfield. The overwhelming number of them practice within an hour of downtown Los Angeles. The Northern California edition covers the remainder of the state up to the Oregon border but the bulk of the No. Calif. circulation is in the area between and around San Francisco and Sacramento.

(See rate card for the current circulation)

We mail the Dental Trader monthly, eleven times a year.
(We do not publish in July, perhaps the slowest month in dentistry.)

The publication generally reaches the doctors on the 1st of the month, give or take five days. It is posted to our website 10 days before it hits the streets in print, usually on the 20th of the month. Example: The February edition goes online January 20th.

What makes the Dental Trader different from other dental publications? SALES! Unlike other marketing options (direct mail, telemarketing, dental magazines, facsimile promotions, internet sites & e-mail, direct sales, etc.) the Dental Trader targets only buyers!


There’s no other reason to open it, it’s 100% advertising. We get past the trash can and into the hands of the doctors (or buyer) when he or she is ready to spend money.

NO OTHER TYPE OF PUBLICATION CAN DO THIS! Add to this The Dental Trader’s low advertising rates and you’ve got an unbeatable combination. Unlike nationally circulated dental magazines, there’s no waiting weeks for leads. The doctors do not fill out a Reader Response Card, they call you right then, with The Dental Trader (and your ad) in their hand while their interest to purchase is at its highest.

California is roughly twenty percent of the U.S. dental market. California also has many of the most affluent doctors in the country. California’s dentists have a reputation for buying cutting edge technology and outspend dentists in most other parts of the nation. California remains the largest and most prestigious dental market in the nation and The Dental Trader hits all of them.

If this publication interests you, please talk to us. We will offer you sound advice on whether The Dental Trader is right for your business and how to best attain your goals.

We will not pressure you into a big ad. We want our advertisers to be conservative, build on their profits and remain loyal, long time customers. We realize that our success depends on your success. We put you first and make sure your advertising is profitable. (See our Testimonials Page)

Please ask about our “introductory discount” for first time advertisers.

The Dental Trader is mailed to every dentist in California. Our mailing list source is the California State Dental Board (Department of Consumer Affairs) which provides you 100% coverage. Every doctor living and licensed to practice in California (and in active, non-military status) receives the publication free of charge. If there are two doctors practicing in one location, each one of them will receive an issue bearing their name. We also mail to every known dental society, group and organization (such as the Calif. Dental Association, all of its component societies, the AGD and its components, ethnic groups like the Punjabi Dental Society, Arab-American Dental Society, Indian Dental Association, etc) as well as many dental students and educators. NO PUBLISHER REACHES MORE CALIFORNIA DENTISTS. It’s a well known fact that all nationally circulated dental magazines are missing thousands of California dentists because their mailing lists are subscription based. A brief review of our circulation (see circulation section of rate card) will reveal just how comprehensive our coverage in California is.

The Dental Trader = A Lot More Dentists
How many more?

11,875 More Calif. Dentists Than

10,059 More Calif. Dentists Than

19,437 More Calif. Dentists Than

10,305 More Calif. Dentists Than

15,954 More Calif. Dentists Than

9,014 More Calif. Dentists Than
(Journal of the American Dental Assoc)

If reaching every active California licensed dentist
is important to you, you need The Dental Trader!

Compare the coverage of these popular magazines:
DENTAL PRODUCTS REPORT ……..Circulated to 14,426 Calif. Dentists
DENTISTRY TODAY ………………….Circulated to 21,610 Calif. Dentists
DENTAL ECONOMICS ……………….Circulated to 11,245 Calif. Dentists
DENTAL PRODUCT SHOPPER ……..Circulated to 21,611 Calif. Dentists
DENTALTOWN ………………………..Circulated to 16,215 Calif. Dentists
JADA …………………………………..Circulated to 21,178 Calif. Dentists
THE DENTAL TRADER ………………..Circulated to 31,200 Calif. Dentists

Nobody covers California’s Dentists better…NOBODY!
And you can target Northern or Southern Calif. exclusively!

Calif. Circulation Info Sources: (as of 11/15/2016- BPA registration required to view distribution audits)

Dental Products Report: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=101205
Dentistry Today: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=101166
Dental Economics: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=100333
Dental Product Shopper: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=100890
DentalTown: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=100439
JADA: http://www.bpaww.com/BPAWW/MemberTools/GetPDF?StatementId=100402
The Dental Trader: Display Ad Information (mailing receipts posted monthly on website)

Front CoverBack CoverFull Pg3/4 Pg1/2 Pg1/3 Pg1/4 Pg1/8 pg
Northern Calif.N/AN/A$750$700$650$600$525$400
Southern Calif.N/AN/A$900$850$800$750$700$550

So. Calif. 19,200 Pieces = $2000
No. Calif. 12,500 Pieces = $1500
So. & No. Calif. 31,700 Pieces = $3100
Bound Inserts (stitched in center) add $6./M
(size limitations apply)
(Above counts include a small overrun percentage)

10% Premium on Pgs. 2, 3 & Inside Back Cover
10% Discount on 6 Months Consecutive
20% Discount on 12 Months Consecutive
10% Prepayment Discount (6-12 month terms only)

$1250. per year

$1250. per year

$2400. per year

$250 per month or included free with minimum $25K annual advertising commitment (pending availability)
(see below for technical specifications)



Put Thousands Of Dollars Back Into Your Marketing Budget!

By placing your direct mail piece (flier, brochure, order form, etc) into The Dental Trader, you save a lot of money and will likely get a better return! Consider the costs involved with direct mail (mailing list, labeling or ink jet addressing, mailing prep, postage, possibly envelope costs)…it all adds up.

By inserting your direct mail piece into The Dental Trader you eliminate these costs completely and reduce your distribution cost 70% or more!

Look at these rates:


So. Calif.: 19,200 Pieces = $2000.

No. Calif.: 12,500 Pieces = $1500.

Statewide: 31,700 Pieces = $3100.

When you insert your flier into The Dental Trader, your profitability goes way up because you’ve reduced your mailing costs so extensively! But these low rates are not the best reason to try an insert. Unlike direct mail, The Dental Trader gets your message past the Front Office Mgr and into the hands of the dentist while he is shopping! Think about it, The Dental Trader is 100% advertising…there’s no other reason to flip thru it. The doctor has set time aside to look at nothing but advertising related to the practice of dentistry! And unlike a print ad in the publication, (which has a 7-10 day shelf life) an insert usually stays on the office for quite some time! Dentists are human pack rats…it is not uncommon for you to get response to an insert months, even years after it’s been mailed. This is the best way to place a promotional piece in the doctor’s hands! And because we use the Calif. Dental Board’s mailing list, you get complete coverage…something you cannot get from any other list. You will likely hit thousands of dentists for the first time…compare our circulation to the nationally circulated magazines, they miss a huge percentage of the Calif. market.

(Insert rate based on maximum single insert weight of .7499oz. Additional one cent per piece surcharge for each additional quarter ounce of weight. Maximum weight not to exceed 1.75oz.)

Ad Specs, Terms & Conditions

A) Display Ads: First day of month preceding publication. (example: January 1st for February edition).
B) Inserts; 15th of the month preceding publication. (subject to change for convention editions & holidays)

Frequency monthly – 11 editions (no July edition).

Reproduction Requirements:
Included with Artwork: Customers name, job name, instructions for placing the ad(s) in Northern and/or Southern California issues & months(s) to run.

Electronic Requirements:
PDF format preferred, the resolution should be 300 dpi. (Sometimes bigger files won’t down-sample for us & we have to convert it to a Photoshop file where it might lose some clarity. This won’t happen at 300 dpi.) PDF file should come to us as a black & white or gray scale (absolutely no RGB or CMYK. Sometimes these colors are embedded in the files we receive & we have to take them into a Photoshop program to resolve that, potentially losing resolution. If supplied in B&W, this won’t happen.) PDF file should be trimmed very close to the edge of the ad. There should be no crop marks on the PDF file. All type fonts, illustrations, photos, etc. should be embedded or at least, included with the file. (If they are not embedded, we then have to again take it into Photoshop to resolve it & potentially sacrifice resolution. If properly embedded there will not be a problem.) The size of the ad should be correct – according to the Rate Card specs. (If they are not the correct size, there is a chance of error and/or it won’t fit the page correctly, thus requiring tweaking and potential loss of resolution.)

PDF files should be emailed to: bruce@thedentaltrader.com. The Dental Trader will confirm delivery. If you do not get a prompt confirmation from us, assume the email was unsuccessful and contact us.

There will be additional charges added to your bill if these requirements are not met. This includes resizing and/or art conversions of any kind. File manipulation is billed at $95 per hr.

Dimensions for Artwork:
A) Trim size 8 1/8″ x 10 1/2″
B) Untrimmed size; 8 1/2″ x 11 3/4″
C) Ad sizes:
Front Cover 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
Back Cover 7 1/2″ x 8 1/2″
2 Page Spread 15 3/4″ (wide) x 10” (tall), center space .625” (to allow for the printing & binding)
(Note: it’s okay to run shapes or grays/black across the spread to tie it all together, however any type should have that margin – otherwise it may be cut off)
Full Page 7 1/2″ x 10″
3/4 Page 7 1/2″ x 7 1/2″
1/2 Page Vertical 3 3/4″ x 10″
1/2 Page Horizontal 7 1/2″ x 5″
1/3 Page 7 1/2″ x 3 3/4″
1/4 Page Vertical 3 3/4″ x 5″
1/4 Page Horizontal 7 1/2″ x 2 1/2″
1/8 Page Horizontal 3 3/4″ x 2 1/2″
Dental Directory 3 1/2″ x 1 5/8″

In-House Ad Production:
The Dental Trader provides complimentary ad production to advertisers as a courtesy. Those who wish to use these free services must submit their ad copy in writing, typed (not handwritten) and sent via email (not faxed, mailed or submitted verbally) along with any image files necessary (photographs, logos, etc). Images should be provided in TIF, GIF, JPG or EPS format and have a resolution of no less than 300dpi. Ad copy must be provided during the first week of the month so there is adequate time to construct the ad, send proofs, receive and make corrections/revisions and secure advertiser’s written approval to publish. Advertiser may request multiple revisions however, no more than six (6) ad proofs are offered free of charge. Any additional revisions submitted after receiving the sixth ad proof will be charged a fee of $50. per proof. No ads published unless first approved by advertiser. In the event an ad is not approved by the printing deadline, the Dental Trader shall rerun the most recent display ad on file. Post deadline ad production requests may be rejected depending on the scheduled workload of the Dental Trader’s Graphics Staff. The Dental Trader shall not be held liable for errors or omissions once advertiser has approved art. Usage and/or inability to use the free ad production services of the Dental Trader Graphics Staff in no way invalidates or nullifies any terms or conditions contained on the Commercial Advertising Agreement.

Loose inserts may be 8 1/2″ X 11″ or smaller or folded to 8 1/2″ X 11″ or smaller.
Bound inserts must be the identical size as The Dental Trader:
Finished size 8 1/8″ x 10 1/2″
Live Area 7 1/2″ x 10″

Annual Color Calendar:
Full page full color ad measures: 10 1/4″ wide x 7 3/4″ deep.
The box logo ad measures: 1 3/16″ wide x 1 5/16″ deep.
Ads submitted in pdf format is preferred.
Use only CMYK colors (NOT RGB)

Website Banner:
Dimensions: 230 x 60 pixels (must be exact)
File Format: GIF or Animated GIF (no JPEGs)
Size: 30KB or less

Preferred Position:
Space rates as above, when available. Premium pages add 10%. Designated pages issued “as available” to annual term display advertisers exclusively.

No Commissions are paid to In-House or Accredited AAAA Agencies.

Terms of Payment:
All advertisers must prepay advertisements by deadline or copy held for following issue. Terms available on placements of six months or longer. (Must be consecutive.) Delinquency voids any discounts. Collection accounts re-billed at full rate, plus interest, collection and legal fees (if incurred).

All advertisers subject to the terms and conditions of publisher’s commercial ad contract, signed or unsigned. All advertisers accept this liability upon reservation of space.