The Dental Trader
Where Dentists & Staff can advertise FREE!

Factoid: 1 in 5 dentists currently practicing in the United States is licensed and practicing in California.

The Dental Trader is unique because dentists advertise in it by the thousands. Mailed to every dentist licensed in California, our ad periodical publishes more placed ads by California dentists and their staff than any other dental magazine in America. Reaching 33-60 percent more California doctors than any the nationally circulated dental publications, The Dental Trader is comprised completely of dental advertising. This is where dentists communicate with each other and where they shop for all things dental.

Whether seeking dental employment or are looking to hire, wish to buy or sell a dental practice, used dental equipment or supplies, have space to share or are seeking a specialist or associate, you will find these and many other things in The Dental Trader. We do not have mere “readers” like most publications…we reach the dental shopper! Dentists and staff who have set time aside to look at nothing but dental advertising and are in a buying frame of mind.